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It's amazing how events and circumstances change us. How the urge to uncover the root cause of a problem drives us to think differently, approach a problem differently and execute differently. We are amazing beings in that we can make a decision in a split second and then ruminate over a decision for decades.

When I was young, my health was an afterthought. I relied on conventional medicine and the medical profession to make me right after each health setback.  A magical pill for every ill. There was no questioning, problem solving or ruminating - decisions about my health were made for me.  

In 2004, my dad was diagnosed with a glioblastoma that blindsided me so completely that, desperate for good news, I threw all my eggs in the conventional bucket and prayed.  Sadly, 16 months later, even prayer would not suffice. The same year that my dad passed, my husband was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Another health blow to a very dear loved one.  This one took an emotional toll that is forever etched in our lives. 

When my daughter starting having gut issues, I started down the conventional path again but became quickly frustrated and slowly started awakening to the possibility that there had to be a different way. How was it that as a society we had the right tools but somehow were missing the boat on all of these diseases? That is how root cause medicine came into my field of consciousness  -  experts started coming out of the woodwork and more and more individuals began discussing lifestyle approaches to disease. 

For the past seven years I have been engrossed in holistic living – reading, researching, experimenting, implementing – and have discovered a passion for prevention.  This passion permeates every decision I make.

While our bodies deal with aberrations and attacks on a daily basis, these diseases push past the point of our internal balance and catapult our body into full meltdown.  Study after study shows that they stem from the same source: chronic inflammation or inflammation that grows silently over time providing small hints that we may take out of context. While genetics may provide a spark, we have control over whether or not we ignite it by the actions we take.  Environment, lifestyle, belief systems, trauma, microbiome imbalances, chronic stress, food additives, pesticides, etc. – these all act as igniter switches for our genes.  The good news?  We can control most of these or at least manage our exposure! We can become our own guides and healers!

There is so much information out there and most of us don't have the time to find it, let alone implement it.  Fortunately, you have a partner in me. Come join me on this path of prevention and healing with encouragement, love, and passion!

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